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NEAUCE Celebrating the Vibrant Colors of Faith

Colors in a swirl

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Vibrant Colors of Faith: NEAUCE Annual Conference (May 7-9)

Keynoter: John Roberto, president of Lifelong Faith Associates, editor of Lifelong Faith, and coordinator of the Faith Formation 2020 Initiative

Worship Leader: the Rev. Adele Crawford

Special Guest: the Rev. Dr. Kristina Lizardy-Hajbi, UCC National Faith Formation Researcher

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by Karen Ziel

CRAIGVILLE, MA (03/27/2013) -- Varied hues of blue arch across the sky. Spring blossoms on trees and flowers in scarlet, gold, violet, and more. Blues, greens and grays toss to white foam upon the bay. Even the shades of black and gray found in rain clouds overhead proclaim the love of God: and at Craigville Conference Center this May, they will celebrate the rainbow of Vibrant Colors of Faith.

Each year, for 42 years, Christian Education leaders, Youth Ministers, Pastors, Church school teachers, Christian Education committee members and seekers passionate about faith formation have gathered in a quaint turn of the century (1872) Victorian village known as Craigville. With its austere, columned Inn standing sentinel over the green and its simple, unadorned Tabernacle beckoning those who assemble to prayer and song and story, this traditional setting has often been the environment for an introduction to emerging scholarship and trends, to new ways of engagement, and to purposeful exploration of making disciples.

Those who are perennial participants in this engaging three-day event have discovered the goodness of the regional gathering of the New England Association of United Church Educators (NEAUCE) as an inspirational time of learning, fellowship, transformational worship and more! Informative workshops, long walks on the beach, late night socials filled with casual conversation, laughter and sometimes a song are the hallmarks of this event.

Vibrant Colors of Faith!

The NEAUCE gathering has equipped more than a generation of leaders in faith formation. The event offers opportunities through plenary sessions, worship and workshops to share creative ideas, explore new insights and make connections with colleagues and peers. Whether you share time with those who have a similar responsibility or who are faithful and committed volunteers or those seeking to deepen their own capacity for the work or seeking to be change agents in their faith communities, you’ll find a companion here. It is not unusual to have a keynote speaker encourage participants to remain faithful against all odds or to issue a challenge to step out as gifted, forward thinking leaders in the church.

Whether you come for the beach and stay for the learning or come for the learning and stay for the beach, you can’t top this event for relaxation and renewal. A representative planning team works faithfully all year to create a unique NEAUCE experience- something to remember! Whether this is your first time or your twentieth time those involved guarantee you’ll want to return.

Won’t you consider making this a NEAUCE year? Join us at Craigville Conference Center from May 7-9, 2013. See you then!

Karen Ziel is Minister of Faith Formation for the Connecticut Conference UCC.

The Connecticut Conference United Church of Christ
United Church Center
125 Sherman Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06105
Toll Free in CT: 866.367.2822